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My Blitzortung Username/Password doesn't work on this site

NZAPStrike.net has a different login system and Database to Blitzortung.org

If you are a member to Blitzortung.org you automatically qualify for an account on NZAPStrike.net.

How do I get a login here?

NZAPStrike.net operates on data provided by Blitzortung.org.

In order to get an login you need to prove you are current member of Blitzortung.org.

Give the NZAPStrike Administrator an email containing your Username and Email address, you're account will be issued to shortly.

If you're not part of Blitzortung.org and would like to participate and therefor get a login here, please contact The Blitzortung Administrator on the contact page.

Why can't I zoom in more?

You need to be logged in to do that.

If you're a Blitzortung Member give the NZAPStrike Administrator a email to obtain a login if you don't have one.

I want to make NZAPStrike and Blitzortung better.

There are several ways to improve NZAPStrike and Blitzortung.

  • 1. Join Blitzortung- Joining Blitzortung will help NZAPStrike's Data accuracy.
  • 2. Provide Feedback- Give NZAPStrike Feedback about what you would like in a Web Lightning Display Product.
  • 3. Spread The Word- We want the Blitzortung,NZAPStrike membership to increase, by you spreading the word on what the product does will help us increase network coverage and accuracy.

I want more info about Blitzortung


Visit the Blitzortung FAQ Site